David Dentzel

davidDavid began his wood working career as a young boy, borrowing his fathers tools for his many projects. By his early twenties he was on his way to becoming a master wood carver and designer/builder of fine period furniture as well as original and commission pieces. David has delved into many areas of wood working. He has built the interiors of restaurants, country clubs, sailboats, automobiles and houses, as well as designed and manufactured furniture in such countries as China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico and Haiti. He has designed and built pieces for Michael Douglas, Robert Zemeckis, Marvin Davis, Kenny Loggins, Julia Childs, the Pillsbury family, the list goes on.

David has covered a lot of ground and has maintained a business in the Santa Barbara area for the last 40 years. He has apprenticed many wood workers who come and go, learning what they can at the Dentzel shop. Over the next several years David plans to focus his attention carving full-size Dentzel carousel animals and creating original furniture on a commission basis. He is not letting up any time soon and will stay busy until the next generation carries on.